No matter what the country, Global Investments Incorporated only work with the biggest and best legal companies worldwide. We realise that your investment property could be thousands of miles away, so getting you legally prepared is paramount in making sure your investment is safe and secure when investing overseas. In broad terms, the process of buying property is pretty similar in just about every country in the world but it is key you work with the best local lawyers who know the laws of the country you are purchasing in.

They maintain escrow accounts, which are accounts specifically designated to hold the clients funds during the contracted period, and only when all the terms of the contract have been satisfactorily adhered to will the title company release the buyers funds to the Seller and release the property deeds to the Buyer. The title company makes sure a property title is legitimate, so that the buyer may be confident that once he buys a property, he is the rightful owner of the property.

Your lawyer will conduct the relevant searches, translate documents, check licences and ensure the property has been built legally and has no debts or liens associated with it. We also advise our clients to seek independent legal advice on any aspect of their purchase they are unsure about. In the USA we work with the top ranking Title companies, Title companies are an integral part of closing properties in the United States. They are a neutral third party who is engaged to faithfully carry out the wishes of the Buyer and Seller and to ensure the transaction is closed properly and on time. Title companies are strictly regulated by the authorities to ensure that they are acting in the proper manner.

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