Mrs Singh. Malaysia.

I have been dealing with Global Investments Incorporated now for just under 2 years and have bought 10 homes of them, 6 in Detroit, 3 in NY and 1 in Orlando.

I work in property myself, selling properties in Australia to the Australasia market, but the USA market had always fascinated me, and I was always curious at how these homes could be so cheap, so had stayed away from it, thinking that there had to be a catch somewhere.

However one day I was sitting at home, Sunday afternoon, and I received an email from some company that apparently I had signed up to. The name Global Investments Incorporated, I think I had filled out one of there enquiry forms on homes in Detroit at some point when I had been doing research.

There email was about a property of the week. It was a 4 bed brick built home in Detroit for $19,000, I thought to myself there has to be something in this US market, so answered the email and said that potentially I could be interested in investing in a lot as I had just sold one of my homes in Australia.

I think because I mentioned in the email that I wanted to buy a lot I was put in touch with the CEO, a gentleman called Mike Moody.

Mike responded to me within 30 minutes of my email and we started to converse via email, I sent him many questions, and of course coming from the property industry myself they were very detailed and I wanted answers quickly which I explained to Mike.

The one thing that really impressed me about Global Investments Incorporated and Mike is that whatever time of day or night I sent an email, within an hour at the most I had a response to my emails. A company that obviously looks after there clients. Exactly what I wanted as I do not want any hassle with these type of investments and want to make sure someone is looking after my investments when I don’t have time to.

I spent a good 48 hours back and forwards with Mike, and he knew exactly what he was talking about and gave me great advice. I am an Impulsive person anyway so after a day or 2 I put down 4 deposits on 4 USA homes all in Detroit.

Mike was great and so were his team of people dealing with the paperwork and management. Very efficient and with the same attitude when it came to getting back to me.

Since buying the first 4, a few months after this I bought another 6, the reason I was buying in bulk, was Mike had explained if you buy 3 or more at one time there is a reduction in the fee that you pay to Global which made sense to me.

I have to say that yes I have had a few small issues that Mike and the people on the ground in the US have dealt with in an effective manor, but overall I think they are a fantastic service, and I am glad to have answered that first email.

I would be more than happy to recommend Global Investments Incorporated to anyone.

Mrs Singh. Malaysia.