Mr Peter Wilkinson

I was introduced to Global Investments Incorporated by my sister about 6 months ago, as she had been looking at investing in the US market for a while and eventually after speaking with a few companies decided to make a purchase through Global Investments.

She bought 2 properties in Detroit, and seemed very happy with the overall service she received from Mike and John, who helped her through the whole process. After a year of owning the properties she had been receiving the rent on a regular basis through the management company that Global Investments introduced her to in Detroit. yes she had a few teething problems with one tenant but Global Investments helped her with this and she was very happy.

It took a lot for her to convince me to speak to someone at the company as I did have a small amount of savings that I had sitting in a current account for a while, so was starting to dabble with the idea of investing in the US as my sister had done.

Eventually I decided to speak with Mike, who my sister had dealt with and was very pleasantly surprised as there was no pressure and a lot of advice. He sent me through some different options to take a look at, not just in Detroit but in NY and also Orlando, which I found very informative.

I looked at these options and then started doing my own home work and within a few weeks came back to Mike with a decision on one of the properties that he had sent me. Unfortunately the property had since been reserved by another investor in Singapore I think, so Mike explained that this can happen, but then sent me a few more that had just come on. I then after obviously I had made my decision that I wanted to invest, chose one of the new ones and came straight back to him.

I reserved the property and then was handed over to the admin side of the company who again were very helpful through the whole process.

Anyway I am now 6 months down the line and my rent is coming in and I see the market in Detroit is moving. So Overall I am very happy with the decision I made, and have since recommended 2 more of my friends who have also since purchased with Global Investments Incorporated.

I would like to thank John, Anita, Carol, and especially Mike for all there help and would not hesitate in recommending them as the right company to work with.

Mr Peter Wilkinson