Mr and Mrs Dwight Australia

I came across Global Investments Incorporated in the UK, after already Investing a lot in the USA Investment market with 2 other Different companies, one of them was quite a prominent company in the UK and one actually was based in America. I had bought 4 properties 2 of each of the companies all in Detroit, the average cost that I paid per house was approx. $42,000, which at the time of purchase I found very reasonable, and the net returns were coming in just under 20% which again i found very attractive.

However the reason I reached out to Global Investments Incorporated was when I seen there literature, there prices and net returns seemed to good to be true, prices starting from $15,000 and net returns up to 40%. being honest when I seen this I felt a bit sick and actually hoped it want true after spending more than $40,000 on very similar if not the same type of homes.

Anyway I spoke with one of the owners of the Company Mike Moody who was travelling so he put me in touch with a great guy called Scott Neve, who basically explained to me that the homes I had purchased were well above the actual market Value and basically the companies that had sold them to me had built in a lot of profit into the sale for themselves, somewhere in the region of $20,000, and that basically Global Investments Incorporated do not do this, they take us direct to the seller in the US and only charge us a booking fee or arrangement fee of around £3,000, which I found of course very reasonable.

After speaking with Scott over the coming days and he sent me over lots of different options, in fact 2 of the options were even on the same street that I had purchased with the other company, but for almost half the price.

Once I seen this and of course did my checks on the company, which I would advise anyone to do, they are regulated etc… in both the UK and the US which was an important factor for me, I decided to buy a further 3 properties, which are all up and running with the management company that Scott and John helped me with.

I have since bought another 2 of Scott in Rochester Ny and intend on buying more as my plan is to have a portfolio of 20 over the next year.

Yes I feel bad about my first 4 purchases but I still own the homes and I guess we all have to learn from our mistakes, so I would advise anyone that is thinking of the US market to of course do your homework but definitely give Global Investments Incorporated a call, and if you can speak with Mr Scott Neve, even better as he was helpful and went beyond for me, since then we have struck up a good friendship with him and would have him round for a beer any time he decides to come down under:)

Mr and Mrs Dwight Australia