Mr Adrian Paw, Singapore

I would like to recommend the services of Global Investments Incorporated.

Even though it has taken a little longer than I thought to complete on my first property in Detroit I am more than happy with the level of service I have received and believe that there are not many companies that would have put the same effort for me and have my best interests at heart.

Basically I chose one property that when the inspection came through Mr John Odonoghue advised me due to an issue with the roof not to go ahead, and to choose an alternative property which I really appreciated as I do think many other companies would just let you go ahead and buy it even with the problems, but John was very quick in pointing out the issue and advising me to cxx the contract.

Anyway I chose another one which I loved but the seller decided that they did not want to sell, guess I must just be a little unlucky. John again called me to let me know and said that it is really unusual that a client would need to go through this twice, but found me a really special property close to Downtown with good tenants in place.

3rd time lucky and the inspection came in fine and I completed a few months ago, and all is great now and the management company are fantastic.

I would like to thank Global Investments Incorporated for there honesty and integrity and thanks for finally getting me over the finish line.

I have already recommended my friends to Mike and Global.

Mr Adrian Paw, Singapore