Ian Samling

I recently came into contact with Global Investments Incorporated regarding buying a property purely for Investment. I had been looking at this market for the past few years and finally decided that it was the right time for me to give it a go.

I have spoken too a lot of companies about this over the past few years, but after finding Global through an email I received from Right Move I got in touch and found them very helpful and reassuring regarding the whole process and how they deal with there clients for FLORIDA.

I found that the majority of other companies wanted it sell me over the phone without even visiting Florida, which I found very strange. I can understand people buying in the likes of Detroit like this where the properties are a lot cheaper, but I was not willing to spend the best part of £60,000 over the phone.

I spoke with a girl called Sam, who worked on the Florida team for Global and she told me that they would not let a client buy over the phone and insisted that i travelled out to Florida to look at the properties and meet there Partners on the ground in Orlando, which was a company called Keller Williams. Since travelling there I found them to be the biggest and the best brokers in Orlando and they just as Global, were fantastic.

I actually seen a property on the Global website which I liked so Sam explained if I wanted I could place a deposit on the property and go out and view it, and if I did not like it the deposit would be either refundable or Transferable to a better property.

After visiting Orlando I had a great 2 days on the ground there and the staff looked after me really well, i found a different property than the one I actually chose and it already had tenants in place who I actually met when I was there and they were lovely.

So I am now the proud owner of a nice 3 bed home in Kissimmee, thanks to all the guys at Global Investments Incorporated.

I would recommend there service it anyone thinking of doing the same thing they were all great.

Ian Samling