Chris Wright UK.

I first called Global Investments Incorporated after a long debate with my girlfriend. I had been toying with the idea of buying a home in the USA as an investment, as I had saved up a nice amount of money which was just sitting in an account here in the UK earning me pennies, and thought that I should be making my money work better for me.

I had a look on line and came across information on Detroit, so started doing some digging, and had decided that I wanted to give it a go so I told my girlfriend who totally disagreed with me. She also had been doing some digging on line and showed me some horror stories about some people who had invested lots of money and had bought homes that were in a right state and needed loads of work on them. Basically it sounded like a night mare.

I took everything she said on board but was still intrigued so I called a few companies in the UK, one of them being Global Investments, I decided on 2 companies but finally the one I chose was of course Global. The reason for this is that I spoke with a lady called Claire, and I explained to her what my Girlfriend had found and that I was very worried. Claire explained that with Global even though we reserve the property, it is still subject to a full Inspection and this normally will take place between 7-10 days of signing the contract and paying the deposit and arrangement fee.

For whatever reason that I was not happy or Global was not happy with the Inspection, which Claire was very honest and told me that on occasions this can happen, that I can simply cxx the contract and any deposits that I had paid would be transferred on to a more suitable property of my choice, which made a lot of sense.

She did also tell me that sometimes the inspection can be fine but other factors can come into play, sometimes the seller may have a change of heart, or even decide to increase the price, and again if this was to happen then I have the option to cxx and choose something else, with no loss of funds.

I found this honesty to be very good, and after speaking and going back and forth on emails with Claire, I again sat down with my girlfriend, who also spoke to Claire, and we both decided to buy one of the properties in Detroit.

Fortunately none of the things that Claire had told me happened and we are very happy with the inspection and the property which after 9 months now the tenant has not missed one payment. However the great thing is that even had something happened Global Investments had made me aware that this type of thing could happen so it would not have been a shock and we would have moved onto the next property.

Thanks for all your help Global, and look forward to hopefully buying another in the next 12 months.

Chris Wright UK.