Chris Hutchinson Devon UK

Thanks to Global Investments Incorporated. Thanks Mike Moody for you words of wisdom and helping us avoid the proverbial banana skin in Rochester. If we hadn’t stumbled across your website and called when we did we would be several thousands of dollars out of pocket and be owners of our very own money pit. The advice you and your colleagues offered both from your office and in New York really opened our eyes and showed us that there are some companies out there that are operating without any kind of morals. We really thought we had done our homework and foolishly believed the nonsense that the other company we were dealing with were telling us. We really appreciate your honesty, even if it was a bitter pill to swallow at times. Fortunately we didn’t let pride get in our way and we pulled out of the deal with the other company and took your advice and bought a great home for us to invest in. We are confident that once the renovations are done on the property (once again, thank you for the recommendation of the builders) that we will achieve the figures we have given the management team.

I dread to think of the costs that we would have ended up paying on the first property we were offered from the first company we were dealing with. We would never have known, in our naivety, that the original home had over $10,000 in bank debts attached to it. We wouldn’t have known a warranty deed if we had passed it in the street, so again we are thoroughly grateful that our paths crossed and you and your marvellous team set us right.

We await the work to be finished and the property to start generating an income then we definitely be back for more. Peter has already spoken with a few of his colleagues and they have nominated him as the office test guinea pig. They all await the news that everything is finished and a new tenant is placed, then your phone and email will be inundated everyone in his office.

Thanks again Mike, and if you are ever in Devon, give us a shout.

Chris Hutchinson Devon UK