Anthony Cartwright

It is with great pleasure that I am able to write this review, Global Investments have helped me build a very successful portfolio of multi-tenanted properties in the USA. As a UK buy to let landlord I always preferred investments that were closer to home, you feel you are more in control of the situation if anything goes wrong.

I received a marketing email from Global around six months ago which contained a multi-tenanted property, three apartments in one house. As a long term investor this immediately got my attention. Not only did the returns seem very high but the prospect of having three apartments in the one house with shared taxes was very appealing.

I contacted Global about the property and they sent me a copy of the marketing brochure, the brochure was very detailed and broke- down the various running and set up costs.

After running through the figures this property seemed like a much better option than purchasing three separate houses, plus there would only be one set of closing fees.

The most important thing to me was to find out about the management company as two of the apartments were tenanted, one was vacant.</p.

Global introduced me to the management company before I even paid the deposit, after a long discussion with one of the Managers I felt more at ease to move forward with the purchase. When a property is so far away it is good to know that somebody is there on the other end of the phone.

The service provided by Global Investments was excellent. They did everything they promised were always prompt with their replies.

Anthony Cartwright