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Saint Louis – $47,900

Net Return: 20%Bath: $11,400

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Net Return: 20%Bath: $11,400

St. Louis Real Estate is still one of the most affordable housing markets in the US

According to the latest press Saint Louis has been named as the second hottest investment city in the US for 2019. St. Louis is a large city in Missouri, located in the east central part of the state on the Mississippi River. Saint Louis offers investors an incredible opportunity to buy undervalued properties in a very strong rental market.

St. Louis real estate market continues to be one of the most affordable in the country, average returns in investing in St. Louis exceed those of other comparable markets including Atlanta, Memphis, Chicago, and Buffalo.

Three of the ten largest U.S. financial advisory firms are based in the area. St. Louis is home to both large companies like Mastercard, Wells Fargo, Scottrade and Edward Jones, as well as smaller regional banks, payment processors and wealth managers.

St. Louis is the third most concentrated market for investment advisors, behind New York City and Boston. There is more than $2.8 trillion in assets under management or in custody with four St. Louis-headquartered investment companies.

St. Louis consistently is ranked as one of the top areas for investing and rental properties. That is due to the affordable houses prices and strong rental market

St. Louis is an incredible city which we are passionate about

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