Global Investments Incorporated strives to provide the very best on the ground management in every state that we sell in.

In our opinion the key to the success of your investment is the management, and we believe that the management company you choose to work with is as important as the property you decide to buy.

When you complete your purchase one of our experienced after sales team will make sure that your file is handed over to the management company and you are introduced to your account manager who will be liaising with you and your tenants.

It is essential that our management company can offer a wide range of services which can be tailored to any investors needs. A good management comp0any will be able to provide the following list of services.

  • Tenant placement and management – placing the right tenant is essential in your investment working for you. Our management companies will have a rigorous screening process ensuring that the tenant is well qualified and with right references.

  • Rent collection – the management company will collect the rent from the tenants every month and remit the funds to an account of your choice anywhere in the world.

  • Online accounting services – you will be given an online portal in which you can manage your property from overseas seeing all incoming and outgoing monies.

  • Maintenance services – from time to time you may need general maintenance on your property. The management company will ensure that we get at least 2 quotes for any necessary works that need carried out.

  • Lease renewals – at the end of the tenants lease the management company will meet with the tenants and get new signed contracts and lease agreements.

  • Periodic property inspections – every few months the management company will carry out random inspections on the property to ensure that its being well maintained.

  • Property registration – assist with the registration of your property with the local authorities.

Global Investments Incorporated understands the importance of good property management and we only work with companies that have at least 10 years experience and a proven track record in the industry.

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