Boom Town Baltimore – An Investors Dream

Boom Town Baltimore – An Investors Dream

Global Investments Incorporated are the market leader in the USA Buy to Let market with almost 4,500 sales under their belt in the last 7 years.

Cleveland Ohio is by far the companies best selling product at the moment with the Manchester based firm selling close to 50 houses a month in the city, mainly to overseas investors and some domestic.

With sales in Detroit falling over the last 12 months the company has been looking for another product to replace the Motor City sales.

In the past month they have just released their new Baltimore tenanted homes with two bed homes starting from as little as $49,900 with returns as high as 22%.

Baltimore has been ear marked to be the number one USA investment city for 2019. It is currently rated as the number 1 grossing rental market and is therefore getting a lot of attention from the Overseas Investors.

Baltimore offers investors a significant opportunity to get ahead of the game, not just because the metropolitan area is home to nearly three million people but because properties are well priced and rents are high.

The top industries that boost the Baltimore real estate market are in the areas of healthcare, education, life sciences, and cybersecurity. These industries are predicted to boom in the next few years as millennials flood the job market.

Before you make any real estate investment decision, you must know the NUMBERS so lets look at the NUMBERS in Baltimore.

The average property price for a tenanted city property is only $50,000, the average rent for a city tenanted property is $1,000, therefore you average net return will be over 18%. Baltimore real estate investments are highly affordable. The median property price is well below the level in many other fast-growing markets such as San Diego, Los Angeles, and Miami.

The Baltimore Sun even noted that it can be cheaper to buy than it is to rent in the Baltimore area, which is great news for Investors looking to invest. High opportunity and relatively low home prices make Baltimore one of the hottest Real Estate markets in the USA.

According to the latest CoreLogic Case-Shiller report, Baltimore has been included in the top 10 major markets expected to see the biggest increases in home prices over the coming year.

As a result, Baltimore rents have increased on a level equal to that of cities like San Diego, San Francisco and New York. In each of these cities, renters are allocating more than the suggested 30% of income to rent.

According to leading USA property experts Baltimore real estate is having a Goldilocks moment, the market’s not too hot and not too cold—it’s just about right to have all of your porridge and eat it.

We asked Managing Director John O’Donoghue why he feels Baltimore has the potential to surpass sales and replace Detroit as the companies second best selling product to Cleveland Ohio.

John was quoted in saying. “ We feel that Baltimore is a different type of investment to Cleveland which we are doing so well with at the moment. The city offers red brick houses which some of our investors really like. The rents are high and CAP rates between 16% and 22% which are really attractive. I think the biggest selling point for me is the regeneration in the city and also the very short distance to Washington DC. There is a huge demand for rentals given that a lot of workers from the capital DC would commute to and from Baltimore as the rents in Baltimore would be more attractive.

We have also teamed up with one of the best management companies and title companies in the city and have signed an exclusive agreement with two of the cities top suppliers of these turn key homes. We are very excited to what Baltimore can bring in the next 24 months and what it can offer for our investors. Tenanted Brick homes with high returns and 45 minuteS to DC for 50k USD, this is really an investors dream. “

John O’donoghue – Managing Director Global Investments Incorporated

If you would like to learn more about what Global Investments Incorporated has to offer in Baltimore or any other of the cities they have inventory please email

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